Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have You Shopped for the Holidays Yet?

If not, forget the malls, stores, or buying any other junk for yourself that eliminates space in your house! (Ever watch Hoarders? Scary stuff).
Have you noticed (when you're an adult with adult friends) that no one knows what they want for Christmas? Or volunteer to share with you what they want? Unless you love technology, who needs things anymore? We're still in a recession. The most important needs these days for people are a stable job and good health care. A gift so unreachable to some.
The gifts that people will always need are right in front of your nose.
A gift everyone wants, and will use no matter what.
Food! And Americans love food.
Now that we've got the solution figured out, here's what you do; I will share a Christmas list of my own as an example:

Nona's Wish List

Starbucks Gift Certificate

Whole Foods Gift Certificate

iTunes Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate to Williams Sonoma

Gift Certificate to any restaurant that they love.

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