Friday, November 13, 2009

How I Became a Writer Part 2


I'm so sorry I had made everyone wait for more than a month for the part 2 of How I Became a Writer. I was so busy feeling my way around all these sites, learning the tricks and trades of adding friends to designing Myspace backgrounds.
So we left off around the summer of 1989 when I was sixteen years old. That was twenty years ago to be exact minus 40 pounds off my body then.
When I thought writing about my imaginary boyfriend "Brad" was exciting, I couldn't imagine my first real experience with my first love a month after without putting it down on paper! It was called "The Summer Dude". I never typed it, never saved it on a computer but I made one copy from my spiral notebook. It was when I had my first kiss and my parents didn't like him because he wouldn't take me out on a real date. The second boyfriend I had was six months later when starting to
write about how I met him, began dating him, etc. I never finished it, but here's me around the time after we broke up, but we we're seeing each other on and off.
It wasn't until the turn of 1991 when I snuck off to see him at his house on my bike
. He already was out of high school and I was a senior. I wrote about the thrill of sneaking out to see him because he was kind of "bad". I had the TV Show Twin Peaks musical theme playing in my mind. Later in the spring I jumped back into comics. I wrote about real kids I knew in high school who were a group that got picked on. They would leech onto someone more popular and depicted him as a leader. He was actually a punk skateboarder who turned reborn Christian. Imagine how funny that got! Never bothered to publish it because I used real names and would get sued.

High School Graduation, June 1991. Hopewell Jct., NY

My parents were so worried about me with boys. They didn't see nothing yet once I went away to college. When I began going out I was introduced to the term "hooking up." Everyone was using it! And everyone was doing it! And I was the "follow the in-crowd" type of girl. Not taking it to extremes like spoiled girls from Rockland County or Long Island doing multiple guys in one night. So my first semester I wrote about the two guys I had hooked up with. Again with a spiral notebook and never bothered to type or publish that one either. The next four years of college was a big time out for me on writing stories. But what I did do was the what is called today, "blogging". On a spiral notebook. I'd write about my political views on feminism, dating, and the unfairness of double standards between men and women. This was an area where I felt most passionate about. I thought then I would become an activist and wanted to advocate freedom of experession for women, expression of all kinds. Above: November 1991, in a bar in small college town Delhi, upstate New York Further Down: June 1994, Vahalla, NY. Notice beeper (pre-historic cell)Note: old pictures get scratchy!

1995: College Senior
By the time my last boyfriend of my life in New York State left me burned out and broken-hearted I developed a crush on one of my classmates. Even though we never went out, his cute face and cocky behavior turned me on. Which lead to the next era in my writing life . . . coming next!


  1. Hi,
    What a great idea. Can't wait for the next blog.

  2. Hope you are saving these articles in your computer as well - they sound like a great start to your memoirs.

    By the way, sending a smile and friendly shout out from Rockland County!

  3. I love your photos and blogs about how you became a writer. I wrote stories as a kid, too, and it still helps me channel my creative energy. I'm nowhere close to publishing any of them ... but you inspire me! I would love to read your book. -Becky

  4. Thank you Becky. I'm glad I can inspire someone out there.